property server-header: utf8 [ read, write, construct ]

Description [src]

Server header.

If non-NULL, the value to use for the “Server” header on SoupServerMessages processed by this server.

The Server header is the server equivalent of the User-Agent header, and provides information about the server and its components. It contains a list of one or more product tokens, separated by whitespace, with the most significant product token coming first. The tokens must be brief, ASCII, and mostly alphanumeric (although “-“, “_”, and “.” are also allowed), and may optionally include a “/” followed by a version string. You may also put comments, enclosed in parentheses, between or after the tokens.

Some HTTP server implementations intentionally do not use version numbers in their Server header, so that installations running older versions of the server don’t end up advertising their vulnerability to specific security holes.

As with SoupSession:user-agent, if you set a SoupServer:server-header property that has trailing whitespace, SoupServer will append its own product token (eg, libsoup/2.3.2) to the end of the header for you.

Type: gchar*


Construct onlyno